Practice Areas

Our corporate health care business lawyers have years of experience in a wide range of practice areas. When you need an experienced attorney to handle your unique legal needs, we can help.

At Joe Hess Law, we have a strong understanding of practice management for each of our service areas. We’ll help you protect your practice from legal pitfalls throughout the course of any transactions you might make. We cater to medical professionals in the following fields:


Our office caters to all types of professionals in the dental field. Whether you’re a dental associate, a solo practitioner, a group practice owner, or any other type of dental worker, we’re here to represent your interests.

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Veterinarians may abide by a completely different set of regulations compared to human doctors, but it’s just as important to have a qualified attorney on your side when it comes to your veterinary practice.

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The laws governing optometry are ever-evolving. Every state has the ability to pass its own legislation regarding optometry practices within its borders. Attorney Joe Hess is well-versed in Michigan optometry law and can provide the reliable results you need.

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Although both ophthalmologists and optometrists work with medical conditions involving the eyes, they are two very different fields that each require unique support for their legal needs.

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Dermatologists have a very specific set of legal and financial concerns that come into play when managing their practices, and unique service offerings.

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The chiropractic industry is highly regulated, which means that seemingly straightforward transactions can often carry an added layer of complexity. Attorney Joe Hess knows how to navigate chiropractic law and ensure the best outcome for your practice.

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Other Medical Specialities

Don’t see your industry here? We can still help. Contact us to schedule a consultation and we’ll discuss your legal needs.


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