Office Leases

Your office is more than just a building—it’s the home of your medical practice, the place your patients will come to know and trust as they visit year after year. Because of this, you’ll need to make sure that your lease agreement is one that you can maintain without issue for a significant period of time.

Attorney Joe Hess can help you read over and negotiate your lease before you sign it, ensuring that your best interests are represented when renting your office space. Don’t sign a lease without consulting Joe Hess Law Firm.

Navigating a New Lease

Many medical practices remain in the same location for the entirety of their business lifespan. This is only possible if your lease is negotiated in a way that is feasible for both the landlord and the tenant to maintain for years to come.

No two leases are the same, and each must be thoroughly understood by each of the parties involved. Because of this, it’s important to consult a legal professional before you agree to any new lease.

Attorney Joe Hess will pay particular attention to zoning, relocation clauses, rent pricing agreements, and any other special financial terms that have been spelled out by the landlord. You will need to ensure that your practice can legally operate in the space without worrying about being relocated or evicted by the landlord with little warning.

A good lease can even make it easier for you to sell your practice one day down the line. In order for your practice to thrive, it’s imperative to establish a watertight lease.

Whether you’re starting a new practice or relocating, Joe Hess Law is here to help. We can keep you from agreeing to a bad lease by negotiating the details on your behalf.


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