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Whether you’re buying a new practice or dissolving a partnership, Joe Hess Law will guide you through the legal requirements and procedures to ensure you’re protected.

Buying a Practice

Buying a practice is a process that must be handled with precision. Attorney Joe Hess is a legal expert in the field of practice acquisition and whether you already own a practice or are a first-time buyer, he can help.

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Selling a Practice

Making the choice to sell your practice is a major decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether you’re selling your practice completely and retiring from your profession or you’re remaining on as an associate after the sale, Joe Hess Law can make sure the sale of your practice is properly documented and correctly structured.

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Practice Start-Ups

If you’re thinking about starting a new practice, you need to take the correct legal precautions in order to protect yourself and your new business. Allow us to help you navigate the start-up process so you can start off on the right foot.

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Practice Buy-Ins

When it comes to practice buy-ins, it’s important to have the right legal counsel on your side. Buy-ins allow you to purchase an interest in a medical practice, but it also requires you to take on the liabilities that come with that practice.

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Partnership Separations

Sometimes in a medical practice, a partnership ends. A partnership separation can be a messy process if there’s bad blood between any of the parties. Joe Hess Law can help all parties navigate the initial partnership agreement and separate all assets.

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Associate Agreements

An associate agreement is a contract that details the responsibilities of all parties involved with a medical practice. It’s necessary for any practice that hires employees. Attorney Joe Hess can help practice owners establish a thorough associate agreement and can also help associates review these agreements before they sign.

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Real Estate Purchases

While it’s common to lease the office in which your medical practice is located, many practice owners prefer to buy the property outright. We can help you negotiate the best real estate deal for your practice, whether you’re buying or selling.

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Office Leases

Your office is more than just a building—it’s the home of your medical practice, the place your patients will come to know and trust. Because of this, you’ll need to make sure that your lease agreement is one that you can maintain without issue for years to come.

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Practice Entity Formation

There are many legal concerns that go along with establishing a medical practice or other healthcare business. It’s important that you consider every angle at the beginning to set your practice up for future success.

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