As a doctor, you always strive to provide the best dental care to your patients. While this is admirable, you can’t afford to ignore the legal complexities of owning a dental practice.

A dental practice is both a business and a place of healing and patient-centered care. Whether you are launching or expanding your dental practice, you’ll need a knowledgeable attorney by your side for any legal complexities that may arise.

That’s where we come in. Joe Hess Law Firm will take care of any legal issues surrounding your practice, so you can focus on your patients and provide the best dental care.

Our attorneys can help you with acquisitions, start-up advice, real estate, employment, and other legalities. We provide comprehensive legal services for dentists and dental groups alike!


At Joe Hess Law Firm we will go over any contracts with a fine-toothed comb, so you know exactly what you’re signing. We firmly believe that knowledge is power, and we work hard to eliminate any surprises in your contract.

We will take the utmost care to ensure you receive the best deal possible during your next dental practice acquisition!

Dental Practice Start-Ups

Interested in starting your own dental practice? Congratulations! This is an exciting step in your career and we would be more than happy to take this journey with you. Joe Hess Law Firm is dedicated to helping dentists like you by offering start-up advice and helping you avoid common legal pitfalls.

Other Legal Services for Dentists

You deserve an attorney who has in-depth knowledge and experience of the dental industry. That’s what makes Joe Hess Law Firm the perfect choice! In addition to acquisitions and start-up advice, we provide other legal services for dentists, so your practice can thrive.


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