As a veterinarian, you have a passion for helping pets live healthier lives and educating their owners on how to provide the best care. But taking care of your business is equally as important!

Many veterinary schools don’t prepare their students for running their own businesses, which can leave your veterinary practice vulnerable to surprise legal issues you never saw coming.

If this describes you, we recommend hiring a trusted attorney to represent the best interests of both you and your practice. We can help you achieve your business goals for your practice without sacrificing the level of care you provide for your furry, four-legged patients.

How We Can Help

We understand that your veterinary practice is not just a business. It’s also your passion and how you help support your community. As such, we don’t take our responsibilities lightly when we represent veterinary practices.

At Joe Hess Law Firm we have in-depth knowledge and experience of the veterinary industry, and we’ll be able to help you navigate around any legal pitfalls that come with owning a veterinary practice.

We offer comprehensive legal services for both veterinarians and veterinary groups. That way, you’re able to focus on what you love most—helping animals and their human families.

Joe Hess Law Firm can help you with acquisitions, start-up advice, real estate, office leases, and other legal issues associated with your practice. This means that we can help you during any stage of your career, whether you’re interested in starting your own practice, or you’re looking to sell and retire. 


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