Partnership Separations

Sometimes in a medical practice, a partnership ends. A partnership separation can be a messy process if there’s bad blood between any of the parties. An experienced corporate healthcare law attorney can help all of the parties involved navigate the terms determined in the initial partnership agreement and separate all assets accordingly.

In some cases, however, the initial agreement was not put together with dissolution in mind. When this happens, dissolving the partnership can become more complicated. Whether your separation is amicable or not, Joe Hess Law will ensure that the terms are fair.

How We Can Help

In some ways, a partnership separation is similar to a divorce. During the separation process, the practice’s assets will need to be divided between all of the parties involved.

In the case of a medical practice, however, there are also liabilities to consider. You don’t want to end up shouldering all of the liabilities while claiming none of the assets, and that’s where an attorney can help.

Attorney Joe Hess can recommend professional contacts to accurately value the practice and let you know what your options are. While you may harbor some ill will towards your former partner, we’ll remain objective to help you determine the course of action that will give you the best chance of success.

Particularly contentious partnership separations will unfortunately require both parties to be represented in a court of law, as a judge will need to help settle the terms of the separation. For many clients, we are able to avoid this step through strategy and negotiation.


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