Our goal is to protect both you and your practice, so you can focus on what you do best: providing excellent eye care to your patients. Whether you wish to acquire a new optometry practice or lease a new office, it’s vital that you hire an experienced attorney.

At Joe Hess Law Firm, we combine our knowledge of the optometry industry with our legal expertise to provide comprehensive services for your business. We avoid legal jargon so you know exactly what legal services your practice needs.

Why Work With Us?

We can help you with acquisitions, start-up advice, real estate, office leases, and other legal matters that pertain to your optometry practice. We’ll examine every legal aspect of your optometry practice, so you’ll never be blindsided by any unexpected legal issues.

Each optometry practice is different. Depending on the level of care you provide, your practice may also include ophthalmologists, which could open you up to more liability issues if outpatient surgical procedures are offered at your practice.

That’s why it’s essential that you hire an experienced medical attorney. Joe Hess Law Firm has worked with countless health care providers, including optometrists. As such, we’ll know exactly what legal services your practice will need to grow and thrive.


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